MPR - Module 5: Growing & Healing Through Prayer

With Rabbi Mike Comins

Making Prayer Real


A Unique Classroom Experience

The Making Prayer Real Course offers an innovative, spiritual dynamics approach to learning prayer and liturgy. Outstanding teachers are brought into the classroom via video, beginning a conversation that challenges students and draws them into dialogue with prayer, the Siddur, and each other. Skills are emphasized before theology as a workshop atmosphere is cultivated. As students explore numerous traditional and alternative prayer practices, they discover their preferences and abilities, crafting their own relationship to Jewish prayer as individuals and as members of the community.

License and Teach

The MPR Course Curriculum may be licensed for exclusive use in your synagogue, school, community center or other institution. The curriculum includes:

  • Lesson plans with innovative ideas and tested methodologies.
  • Traditional and alternative prayer practices.
  • Video montages featuring outstanding teachers of Jewish spirituality.
  • A video message to teachers from Rabbi Mike Comins on each lesson with general background and pedagogic advice.
  • "Conversations" videos for community programming outside of a class on prayer.

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The MPR Coursematerials are licensed to an institution for their exclusive use, and may be used in any normal activity sponsored by the community. They may not be copied or lent to other institutions. 

The MPR Course Curriculum may be purchased as a whole or by individual modules. Please go to MPR Full Curriculum to purchase the whole curriculum. Register for Module 1 on this page. 

Module Five: $300.00

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MPR - Module 5: Growing & Healing Through Prayer (Session 17: Exploring the Amidah)

We learn and investigate the structure of the Amidah, focusing on the first three and the last three blessings in the rabbinic and mystical traditions. Then we explore our own interpretations.

MPR - Module 5: Growing & Healing Through Prayer (Session 18: The Amidah and Me)

After studying the weekday intermediate blessings and learning the historical background, we return to the way people prayed in Talmudic times. Ending each blessing with the traditional formula, students create a personal Amidah.

MPR - Module 5: Growing & Healing Through Prayer (Session 19: Coping with Illness and Loss)

Does prayer heal? The MPR contributors speak from the heart, and we offer prayer practices for healing.

MPR - Module 5: Growing & Healing Through Prayer (Session 20 Mourning And Kaddish)

Rabbi Anne Brener explores the nuances of grief, and how prayer might catalyze the process.  The MPR contributors speak about Kaddish and mourning.