We are rabbis, teachers, and students on a collaborative journey, seeking the heart of Jewish wisdom.

Our Mission

Lev is the Hebrew word for heart. Lev Learning connects outstanding teachers to learners from all backgrounds: Jews and non-Jews; advanced students and beginners. While embracing academic standards and research, Lev Learning aims to engage individual Jews and Jewish communities in the great questions and challenges of Jewish living, and sponsor learning that touches the hearts of all people seeking lives of purpose and substance. Lev Learning is inspired by Jewish values, dedicated to raising the level of Jewish literacy and engagement, and committed to Tikkun Olam, the bettering of the world.

The Lev Learning Network

Lev Learning cannot fulfill its mission if people don’t know about it, so we wondered how to get the word out in an effective and appropriate way.

Our first response is the LL eJournal. We reach out to potential students by providing engaging content from our community of teachers, through our teachers, through our website, email list and social media.

Second, we offer substantial discounts to members of the Lev Learning Network. 

What is the Lev Learning Network?

  • The Lev Learning Network consists of institutions: synagogues, JCCs, schools and other organizations.
  • Members of these institutions receive a substantial discount, currently 10%, on courses and curricula.
  • The institutions periodically inform their members of Lev Learning offerings.
  • Lev Learning sends you a graphic and blurb for you to print or copy and paste (you choose one), making it easy to fulfill your commitment.
  • Membership is free.

Why this is a win-win-win-win:

  • Students benefit from a rich menu of educational opportunities and access to a wide range of outstanding teachers. They are rewarded for their membership in Jewish communal institutions and organizations.
  • The institutions support their members in increasing their Jewish literacy and practice. They benefit from a more engaged and learned group of members, who are more likely to volunteer, teach in the community’s schools, and serve in leadership positions.
  • Jewish teachers are supported in their passion for Jewish life and teaching.
  • The Jewish People benefits from the increased knowledge, engagement, identification and practice of students.

What if my synagogue or organization is not a member of the Network?

  • If your synagogue or organization is not a member of the Lev Learning Network, it is probably because they don't know about it! Please let them know, so that they can sign up and you can receive the LL Network discount.
  • If you are not a member of a Network institution and face financial hardship, contact us

Joining the network is easy.

Join The Network


Mike Comins

is a rabbi, professional Jewish Educator, author and Israeli desert guide. His many years in Yeshiva, graduate studies in Jewish thought, passion for spiritual practice and love of the wilderness have led to a creative, out-of-the-box rabbinate. He lives in Los Angeles with his spouse, Jody Porter.

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Terry Heller

grew up on the shores of Puget Sound, danced in the streets of New York City and raised a family in the hills of Los Angeles. As Director of Operations for Lev Learning, Terry juggles many skills, from accounting to marketing to design to web maven. She also makes a mean brisket.